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SoundPath has been serving clients from high school juniors and seniors to graduate students, to seasoned professionals looking for a career change or developing a new skill-set. Here you can find feedback from several of our clients over the years.

Dr. Christine Gangelhoff was instrumental in helping my daughter to prepare for her college interviews. Dr. Gangelhoff created a list of relevant questions and conducted mock interview sessions so my daughter was able to build confidence in both navigating the interview process and her ability to respond to questions articulately. Christine’s musical knowledge and background, her ability to relate to my daughter, and her pleasant personality and mannerism made the experience very enjoyable, fun, and free from pressure. My daughter was accepted into several colleges, one of which was Berklee College of Music which had a very competitive process that included portfolios, performances, and interviews. I am sure that Christine’s support was a critical factor in this achievement. –Chief Financial Officer Be Aliv Limited

Dr. Christine Gangelhoff has given me invaluable insight into and focus regarding the disciplines of music and psychology. She was able to listen and ask just a few profound questions and then wrap up my two fields of professional interest into one fascinating doctoral thesis--a thesis I now plan to pursue. I was impressed at how thoughtfully Dr. Gangelhoff guided me through the thinking process during our conversation.I highly recommend Dr. Gangelhoff to anybody at a crossroads and unsure what direction to take next in life. Dr. Gangelhoff is able to reveal what lies before us that we ourselves do not notice. –Professional musician and graduate student

Dr. Christine Gangelhoff offered her expertise to me when I was interviewing for my current academic role in Miami. She encouraged me to showcase my international work and life experience in my presentation and advised me on academic interviews. Her help and insight absolutely helped me succeed, and her passion and enthusiasm for my career goals was inspiring. She is fantastic to work with and her guidance as a career and educational counselor is invaluable. –Global Learning Librarian/Adjunct Professor in Media Studies at a major university in Florida

Dr. Gangelhoff has given me invaluable focus and direction as I worked to complete my Master's thesis. She is able to view a situation in such a way that she uncovers possibilities that others just can't see. Thanks to her many skills, she can relate well to her students and clients and can anticipate potential problems. –Music Educator


Dr. Gangelhoff has been an integral part of the successful development of my career and helped me to navigate the ins and outs of the music profession. In addition to helping me with performance and being a contributing member of society, Dr. Gangelhoff guided me to pursue studies in Band Instrument Repair, a course of study that I didn’t even realize was a possibility for me. This career has afforded me many ongoing financial opportunities. I’m grateful she had the insight to see that I was well suited to the career. I truly believe I would not have been in a position to identify and pursue my current career if it were not for her help. –Music Educator and Instrument Repair Technician

I had the good fortune to work with Christine during my time as President of Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas. I was impressed with her broad array of competencies with regard to music, culture, entertainment, and education. She has a unique educational, professional, and experiential background and can draw on her expertise from various disciplines to create innovative offerings in a variety of environments. She brings particular value and vision in arts/entertainment and education consulting, curation of musical experiences, community outreach, and regional and global networking. Beyond her stellar qualifications, she is a delight to work with, bringing energy, poise, and fun to the work environment. –President & Managing Director, Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

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