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Why SoundPath?

Happy Student

The college admissions process is complex, competitive and time consuming.


Our expert guidance and extensive network can reduce the stress of the college application process and help students to find their perfect fit—the place that will support them, nurture their passion, and help them grow into the artist they want to be.

How we can help...


Feel less stress

  • reduce stress by receiving individualized attention throughout the process 

  • feel more comfortable managing the full application and audition process

  • feel more confident about preparing for interviews and auditions


Receive expert guidance

  • gain firsthand knowledge and experience that helps students explore careers and majors 

  • receive an evaluation of each student’s musical training, extracurricular activities, and academic credentials

  • effectively brainstorm, craft, and refine essays and resumes


Reach maximum potential

  • identify each student’s unique interests, personality, and talent to help them discover their best-fit school

  • create a list of schools and music programs with varying levels of selectivity

  • understand procedures for applying for financial aid and scholarships

  • get support with making final decision on college attendance


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