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Our services

college application consultation

Initial meeting

Complimentary 30-minute introductory meeting via phone or Zoom

college music student

Comprehensive packages

Choose from several packages covering the entire college search and application process to
maximize a student’s candidacy and leverage their passion to find their ideal program. All packages can be customized with an option for hourly bundles.

Packages may include:

College list and applications

  • Determine appropriate college and career pathways for students

  • Evaluate student academic records and extracurricular activities

  • Assess student college major and career interests

  • Help create a list of best-fit colleges

  • Provide essay coaching

Artistic assessment
and preparation

  • Assess artistic performance and potential for appropriate programs 

  • Help preparing for pre-screen video and in-person auditions

  • Practice preparing for interviews

  • Select audition repertoire

  • Assess music theory proficiency

  • Advise on attendance at summer programs

Organization and
overall guidance

  • Help manage schedule and deadlines

  • Develop personalized schedule of application process and deadlines

  • Review final applications and give feedback  

  • Give guidance on scholarships and financial aid 

  • Help with completing up to 12 applications

Abstract Background
college music major


Are you a consultant working with a student in the performing arts? Connect with us to help you find the perfect solution

and best academic fit for your client.

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